Healthy Relationships for Teens

Learn how to create and foster healthy relationships. We use an interactive learning style to teach students what a healthy relationship looks like and how to keep themselves and others safe. Email or call 801.689.1723.

How Can You Love Better?

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Education is the key to how we grow as individuals and how we flourish as a community. At YCC Family Crisis Center, we strive to educate the community about the struggles that women, children, and men go through when they experience family violence and/or sexual assault. YCC staff members provide skill-building classes for both kids and teens that will help them to better self-regulate and understand and manage their emotions. Our teachers are purposeful about building relationships with the children and teenagers in order for them to build an environment where they feel safe to learn. These classes are fun and educational and help students discover how to apply practical skills within their family and friendships.

Resources for Teens

Want to Host a Presentation?

YCC provides free presentations on Healthy Relationships to schools and youth groups. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation for your school or community group, contact Brent Hinsley, Community Engagement Coordinator.

Available topics include:

  • Boundaries in Friendships and Relationships
  • Bystander Intervention – How to Help Your Friends
  • Consent in Friendships and Relationships
  • Dating Teens that Share Your Morals, Faith, and Values
  • Disney Prince & Princess and Reality
  • Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships for Teens
  • How to Break Up with Someone
  • How to Recognize if the Teens You Work with are in Unhealthy Relationships
  • How Trauma Affects Kids and Teens
  • QPR Suicide Prevention

TEAL for Teens through YCC

TEAL for Teens is a support group for sexual assault survivors 14-17 years old. It is a safe space for teens to share and process the emotional impact of sexual trauma and develop skills to promote healing and healthy relationships. For more information, sign up HERE.

Other Resources

Love is Respect

This web resource provides information and resources on dating violence and healthy dating attitudes and relationships for youth. The site includes early warning signs, types of abuse, the cycle of abuse, and quizzes for teens to determine whether they are experiencing or inflicting abuse, a live chat feature that connects youth with a peer advocate 24/7, videos, a blog, and more. In addition to the live chat, Love is Respect connects youth to the National Dating Abuse Helpline at 1-866-331-9474 or 1-866-331-8453. Youth can also reach out for help by texting “loveis” to 22522.


Users pick up to six friends to join their circle. Features include Come Get Me, which sends a text to your circle of friends with your exact location using GPS coordinates. Another option, Call Me, sends a text to your circle that says. “Call and pretend you need me. I need an interruption.” The app also connects users to national hotlines and has helpful links to information about sexuality, relationships and safety.


One feature called Time to Leave is designed to give you a quick out with a fake call. It sounds like it’s your mom or sibling interrupting you with an urgent request. There are several preprogrammed “interruption messages” such as, “Hey, I’m locked out, can you come let me in.” Another feature, called Expect Me, will alert a friend if you don’t show up to a destination when you’re expected. Angel Drink is a quick way to signal to a waiter or waitress that you want help to exit a situation or separate yourself from a person who is making you feel uncomfortable.


The ultimate app that offers peace of mind when dating. Go on dates knowing that your Safe Mates have got your back.

How does it work?

  • Add your date plans into the app
  • Privately choose Safe Mates from your contacts
  • Set a Safe Time to check-in after your date finishes
  • Simply check-in once your date finishes before your Safe Time
  • When you check-in, your Safe Mates don’t get notified
  • If you don’t, your Safe Mates are sent the details of your date
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